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NelayanClub - KayakFishing Pasir Ris - 03/10/2021

Updated: May 30, 2022

Salam Fellow Anglers.

A very good day to all. Yesterday's launched at Pasir Ris Breakwater No. 12. In the morning the weather was good & overcast. The sea was as calmed as the swimming pool & the current were almost non-existence.

Accompany me was Mr Darren, Mr Terrence & Mr Jason. All of them are a seasoned kayak anglers and have tonnes of experience especially Mr Terrence who was an ex- boat captain. Unfortunately, we did not have a good day & the biting rates were low.

But, we managed to land few fishes despite the low bite rates & we are thankful for it. What is more precious is the company you are with that makes the whole fishing experience a wonderful one.

I would like to thanked Mr Darren for organizing this trip, as usual. Mr Jason who made the whole trip and enjoyable with him cracking jokes to lighten up our tiredness. Fyi, the current from afternoon was quiet fast as compared to the one we had in morning.

Homed: 1. Grouper X 2 Released: 1. Baby Grouper X 2

2. Lizard Fish X 1

Thank you & have a great day.


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