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NelayanClub - Maiden Kayak Launch - 09/08/2021

Salam Dear Anglers.....

Hope everything is fine for all of you regardless from where you are.

It's been long since the last I've written a review & this is due to the Covid-19 situation in Singapore.

As you might have known that NelayanClub Crews are more into Surfcasting by the beach & Offshore Boating both locally or overseas. Today, I' will be doing something new & that is Kayak Fishing.

Inspired by my buddies, Master Amran & Master Kokoi, this will be our 1st time maiden launch & the location will be at Punggol Jetty. This will be more of an orientation & introduction to the kayak rather than fishing. There's not too much photos to show as everyone is so excited on paddling the kayak.

Definitely there will be more photos in the near future on this new method of fishing. So watch out for it. Tight lines everyone. Ahoy!

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