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NelayanClub - Pasir Ris Park Water Breaker 12 - 03012021

Salam Angler semua.....

Kami sedang berada di Pasir Ris Park Baru 12 (waterbreaker). Seperti biasa mejalankan aktiviti surfcasting. Sesampai sahaja kami disini, hujan sudah pun berhenti. Kami berharap agar cuaca will remain seperti ini hinggalah ke pagi. Pada anglers2 yg berada disini, kalau jumpa kami sapa ya. Semoga ada kemanisan dipenghujungnya..... wish us luck!!! Aamiin.

2000hrs: Commences our surfcasting. Baits used are dead prawns & wat2 bought from our fellow anglers Azzahari. Brader thanx for the splendid service at a very reasonable price.

0050hrs: First fish for the nite and its a baby Usat by Bro Putera. It was released safely back to the sea. Was told by him that when he saw his line was slacked, he reeled in his rod.

0900hrs: 2nd strike of the day on my BlackRock rod bought from an experienced fellow anglers Mr Bill Bajaj. Sir, what a wonderful rod it was and worth buying. Although the catch was only an Usat (Stripped Marine Catfish) it was as the performance of the rod that matters most. There was no serious harm done to the catch and it was released safely back to its habitat.

130hrs: The rain starts pouring heavily. We decided to pack our stuffs on go home. Just a recap. 2 rods were tested. 1 was Black Rock and the other 1 is a Tonixpro Aphex.

Both has its own characteristic. My own opinion is that both rods are solidly build for different application. While BlackRock is soft and have a good bite detection on small fishes, the Aphex on the other hand has a hard tip for and its good for hard and rocky ground beaches.

For my built, I have to go with the BlackRock rod as its easy for me to cast. It has a slim butt and when coupled it with the multiplier that Im currently using, makes casting a breeze. Holding the rod together with an Abu Garcia CT 6500 with the Tonixpro Aphex makes me a bit uncomfortable to cast as the butt has a larger diameter and gripping it is abit uneasy.But overall, both rods are good rods & worth having it.

Well we come to the end of our surfcasting session for this week. Do watch us on our website at Do follow us on our youtube channel & do susbcribe, share & like all our video postings. This will encourage us more to do what we love to do tightlines...Ahoy!!!


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