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NelayanClub - Pulau Ubin German Girl - 25122020

Salam to all Anglers..... Today, our intention was to fish along Pulau Ubin Aik Hwa beach. Unfortunately when we arrived there, it was full with other fellow anglers having their enjoyable time over there.

So, we decided to change our fishing grounds to German Girl Beach instead. Here are summary of events for the day & we hoped U guys have a great day ahead too.....

0945hrs: We arrived at German Girl Beach instead of Aik Hwa as previously planned. Reason being Aik Hwa was fully occupied by our fellow anglers.

1105hrs: "Fish On" on my rod. It was a Sickle fish at the end of the line weighing 1kg plus probably(estimation only).

1410hrs: "Fish On" again while on slack water. This time it was a baby Marine Catfish who ate the bait. But it was release safely back after a quick photo-shoot.

1700hrs: Weather doesn't permit us to continue. Its getting darker. We are packing to leave this beautiful beach. after 20 mins of packing we left we beach.

Till we meet again guys........Ahoy.....

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